Introducing Trivia Royale game mode!

1/25 – Build 1.0.148 – Royale Update

– Introducing Trivia Royale (alpha)
* 3-8 players compete in a single elimination ultra intensity showdown.
* This game mode is still very new, but as always we like to release early and get you all playing. * Trivia Royale requires a human host, and for now only devs can create Trivia Royale games. We’ll be hosting these at our set play time (currently 5pm PST).
* This version of Trivia Royale has a lot of updates based on everyones feedback. Thank you, and keep it coming!
* New Disord channel #trivia-royale

– Sneak peak at Producer Patrick – A friendly producer bot who will help new players, provide updates and more. He’s rough around the edges right now, but was eager to say hello :smiley:
Note: Trivia Royale is now live for both Steam and Oculus players

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