Kiss or Kill Update – The Big Clean

We just wrapped up a big update. It’s now live on Steam and the Oculus store! Our next tournament is coming up on February 10th, and in preparation we’ll be bringing in another batch of players. If you have a friend that you’d like to play with, DM me and I’ll send you a key.

Quick start
* Easily jump into a 2 player game by clicking Quick Start. If there’s an open game you will automatically join it
* This is now the default and preferred way to start a game, previous method still available under “Current games”

Trivia Royale
* Refines and flow updates to Trivia Royale mode
* Score board visible at all times
* Timer and number of questions visible
* All three power ups available (one use each, each round)

New game start and mini game practice
* While waiting for a second player you can play the tutorial or practice mini games (finally!)

Discord notifications
* If a player waits longer than 20 seconds for a second player, we will automatically post to Discord letting you all know there’s a player ready for a game
* When you see these notifications, feel free to jump into the game by using Quick Start
* These will post to #General for now, if it gets annoying we’ll change it
* We’ll be adding more Discord integrations soon

New track pad / d stick selection
* We’ve changed how answer selection works so it’s easier and much more natural
* Give it a try and let us know what you think!

First time player updates
* Our friendly new producer will guide new players through their first game and tell returning players about major updates

VR Keyboard
* First time players no longer need to use a physical keyboard to enter their email address

UI Refinements
* Fixed more of the UI clunkiness

Updated shaders
* New shaders to increase game performance in preparation for 3DOF headset support (coming soon!)

Tournament Update
* Our next tournament is scheduled for February 10th, stay tuned for more info!

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